3.3 Mothers Know Best (Solution)

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Authors: Brian Tivol

Well, if you found one of our mothers....
.... you got USABLE

(unless you were mean and then you might have
received MANNA :)


Given that so many teams have, without hesitation and almost without
motivation, called up unsuspecting celebrities, airlines, hotels,
television stations, and embassies, we were utterly surprised at the
number of people who were hesitant about calling our moms.

At least one team made the connection between:
...Setec Astronomy --> Sneakers --> Mother --> Dan Akroyd...
And considered calling him.  Interestingly, when writing this puzzle
we considered making it "get someone famous to call us."


The mothers that ended up being called, and the number of times:
(I'd put in their real names if I knew them...)

Kiran Kedlaya's (4)
Brian Tivol's (2)
Chris Morse's (1)
Dan Katz's (1)

Many thanks to our Moms.