2.4: Making Tracks (Solution)

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Author: Dan Katz

The clips are from the following songs:

1. "Jane" (Barenaked Ladies)
2. "Sunburn" (Muse)
3. "One Man Army" (Our Lady Peace)
4. "Whistling In The Dark" (Firewater)
5. "Beautiful" (Dovetail Joint)
6. "Torn" (Natalie Imbruglia)
7. "Creep" (Stone Temple Pilots)
8. "Perfect" (Alanis Morissette)
9. "Fly" (Sugar Ray)
10. "Whistling in the Dark" (Firewater)
11. "Shame" (Stabbing Westward)
12. "Perfect" (Smashing Pumpkins)
13. "Barrel of a Gun" (Guster)
14. "Sunburn" (Fuel)
15. "Push It" (Static X)
16. "Fly" (Moxy Fruvous)
17. "Free" (Train)
18. "Jane" (Ben Folds Five)
19. "One Man Army" (Prodigy w/ Tom Morello)
20. "Push It" (Garbage)
21. "Creep" (Radiohead)
22. "One" (U2)
23. "Torn" (Creed)
24. "One" (Metallica)
25. "Beautiful" (Joydrop)
26. "Free" (Phish)
27. "Barrel of a Gun" (Depeche Mode)
28. "Shame" (Matchbox 20)

If each clip is paired with its identically titled counterpart, the
coordinates (in either order) give a letter from the grid.  Arranging
the letters alphabetically by song, spells out...

Barrel of a Gun		    (13,27)   V
Beautiful		    (5,25)    H
Creep			    (7,21)    S
Fly			    (9,16)    P
Free			    (17,26)   R
Jane			    (1,18)    E
One			    (22,24)   D
One Man Army		    (3,19)    E
Perfect			    (8,12)    C
Push It			    (15,20)   E
Shame			    (11,28)   S
Sunburn			     (2,14)   S
Torn			     (6,23)   O
Whistling in the Dark	     (4,10)   R


which clues the answer:  BETAMAX