2.2: Atlas Shrugged (Solution)

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Author: Ann Jones

The maps are literary maps.  If people need hints, tell them that all
the maps have places on them that uniquely define them.  They need the
author names associated with the places, rather than the literary
work, since some are from series.

The maps are roughly cut into numbers.  Take that number of the
author's last name.  Pictures are in order.

C (1) James Fenimore Cooper The Wept of Wish-ton-wish
O (2) Stark Young So Red the Rose
L (5) James Branch Cabell. Map of his world Poictesme
U (3) L. Frank Baum.  Map of Oz, based on various books
M (4) Richard Adams. Shardik
N (6) Robert Jordan. Map from Wheel of Time series

* The six is backwards.  This is completely an accident.  Amazingly,
  none of us noticed it in test-solving.  Consider it to be a normal

The only reason parts of the Robert Jordan map were blacked out is
that it is far too easy to identify the map otherwise.

For the curious, all the maps except Jordan are taken out of Language
of the Land, the Library of Congress Book of Literary Maps.

[Some are also apparently in the Dictionary of Imaginary Places
which is in the MIT Humanities library.  I haven't looked at this book
yet, but it sounds neat.]