1.11: Primate Conflict (Solution)

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Author: Brian Litofsky

Here's the solution to the battles puzzle...

1.  Note that the battles come in pairs, and that there
   are two pairs to each "row"

2. For each battle, take the year that it occurred...

Battle of Wakefield             1460	Battle of Mortimer's Cross	1461
Battle of Kirina                1235	Battle of Arsuf			1191

Battle of Blood River           1838	Battle of Nancy			1477
Siege de Toulon                 1793	Battle of Stirling		1297

Battle of Granicus River        -334	Battle of Minatogawa		1336
Battle of Delion                -424	Battle of Hastings		1066

Battle of Hungna                1950	Battle of Leipzig		1813
Battle of Cesme                 1770	Battle of Gravelines		1588

Battle of Kasserine Pass        1943	Naval Battle of La Rochelle	1372
Battle of Manila Bay            1898	Conquest of Lisboa		1147

Battle of Talikota              1565	Battle of Manzikert		1071
Battle of Aljubarrota           1385	Battle of Guadelete		711

3. Subtract the years from each pair, getting the following numbers...

225	270
45	180
90	270
180	225
45	225
180	360

4. Note that these angles can map to the 8 cardinal points in a circle,
which can be mapped as semaphore positions. (The left column is the left
hand, the right column is the right hand.) This is translated into the
answer, "HERALD"...



1.  The most important piece of data about each battle is the year it occurred.

2.  The layout of the battles on the page is important, try subtracting the date pairs.

3.  (Practically giving it away) Use semaphore.