1.10: Ad-verse Opinion (Solution)

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Author: Ann Jones

The words are all typed with either the left or right hand on a
standard QWERTY keyboard.
(since 1 is on the left side of keyboard and 0 on right)
Each line is an 8 digit binary, coding for the corresponding ascii character.

E=01100101 (101)
M=01101101 (109)
E=01100101 (101)
R=01110010 (114)
G=01100111 (103)
E=01100101 (101)
N=01101110 (110)
T=01110100 (116)

(A) If they haven't figured out left hand/right hand
(1) Some words you won't find:the, and, it, he, she
(1a) reft but not left, regret but not right
(2) Where did Dorothy find the note?
(3) Enter the note into your own computer and see what happens.

(B) If they have the on/off pattern
(1) The code doesn't mean much to the typewriter.  It might to the

Note from Ray Jones:
Later on, we started giving out the hint, "Qatar could appear in this
puzzle, but not Iraq", since some teams were going down the dreaded
"letter elimination" path, and getting things like B,Q...