1.10: Ad-verse Opinion

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Dorothy wandered down the infinite corridor, trying doorknobs and looking for anything that might help her find her way. She finally came to a door labelled "C M Vest" that was open. She opened the door and cautiously looked around the office to see what there was to see. Nothing useful appeared to get accomplished in this office. Perhaps now she knew why -- on the computer screen was this hideous example of poetry. Was this what he did all day?
I'll craft a homily, I'll test in fear
In a daze my dear face you'll see
Inky fate teases you, no rest you'll get
Upon a sweet defeat you join greater ill
You fear a million ill faces as fated
You are acceded no minion, dared no rest
You were saved on fast craft tagged Joy
Jolly, greatest test ever in staged phony ploy