1.1: Alternatives

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"Gosh, Lion, the course offerings at MIT really do run the gamut, don't they?"

"Darn right they do. So many choices," fretted the Lion. "How will I ever decide?"

Abidjan resident
Bouffant or beehive sources
Colorado ski resort
Deficient in ethical principles
External wall covering
Fitness freak Richard
Gibbon of Sumatra
Horse outfitter
Interjection expressing happiness
Jealous, desirous person
Kid's shoebox project
Lupanar, in slang
Make happen
Negative terminal, in an electrolytic cell
One-time Princess of Wales
Prima donna
Quantum mechanics pioneer Eugene
Store temporarily, as a web page
Unnecessary or excessive chatter
Vocal ensemble
Will it play there?
Xiamen, Vientiane or Jaipur native
"You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" singer
Zaian or Zemmour tribe member