Some Fun Past Projects

Capstone Design Project 2014

We designed a daughter board ("shield") using sponsor Semtech Corporation's SX1272 transceiver to interface with an Arduino Due and provide it long range wireless capabilities. The project had two main aspects: hardware and software. I worked on the hardware side of the project, and we designed, (got) fabricated, and assembled the shield to mount on the Arduino. We successfully demonstrated long range communication between two of the designed modules using ping pong and data transfer tests.

EKG Amplifier

As a project for Low Power Bioelectronics course with Rahul Sarpeshkar, we were to design an EKG Amplifier (in groups of two) to meet certain specs. I was highly involved with all aspects of the project, including schematic design and testing, and almost exclusively so with the layout -- and I enjoyed every bit of it! Our EKG Amplifier outperformed all others in the class.

Balanced Amplifier

As a lab project for Microwave Transistor Amplifiers and Oscillators course with Fadhel Ghannouchi, I designed, fabricated, and tested a 1.8 GHz balanced amplifier consisting of two hybrid couplers. Being one of the three undergraduate students taking this course, with the remaining 7 being experienced graduate students, this course seemed challenging. However, I was able to cope up with the intensity and ended up learning a lot from it.

Solar Car

I was part of a multi-disciplinary, inter-departmental team -- the University of Calgary Solar Team -- as an electrical member, for two years: during the building phase of "Schulich Axiom", and the initial design phase of "Schulich Delta". The car in the picture above is Schulich I, the latest generation solar car at the time (second car of the Solar Team).