Preet Garcha

Ph.D. Candidate at MIT

About me

When I was in Calgary going into my sophomore year, I was confused like many others about which kind of engineering to do. Should I do Civil because I got an A+ in that really hard pre-req course? Or Chemical, the most sought after field in Alberta? Or should I, perhaps, follow my heart and enter the ever-so fascinating world of electronics?

Today, as a graduate student at MIT designing solutions in the form of ICs, I could not be happier about the decision I made. The electronics world continues to intrigue, excite, and amaze me.


I am currently working towards my Masters degree in the Energy Efficient Circuits and Systems group with supervisor Anantha P. Chandrakasan. My research project for Masters is based on energy harvesting systems. In general, I am interested in analog and mixed signal circuits and systems, and I enjoy working in the field of IC design for both industry projects and academic research.