The Publicity Manager's Guide

Alex Flagg French '05 et al

information provided by Brian Wong, Heather Dunn, Greg Lohman, and many others

original spring 2005

Please Note: This guide is a work in progress, and currently just contains a bunch of unconnected facts that may be useful. Add to it as you learn and have the Guild webmaster keep the official version up to date. If you'd like to turn the list into a real guide covering how to do things, go for it! As you learn specific information (prices, web addresses, contact names) add it to the guide.

1 Publicity Schedule

Rough and NOT comprehensive, doing almost anything earlier won't hurt. Design deadlines are included, make sure your designer is working an appropriate time before the deadline

One week before opening

Three weeks before opening

Six weeks before opening (four weeks at latest, even for IAP show)

RIGHT NOW (whenever you take the job)

2 Posters

Teasers and show posters

ASA postering rules

Costs at CopyTech

Gnomon Copy

Drop poster

3 Press Release

4 Paper ads

The Tech


Ad swaps

5 Free publicity

at MIT

Outside MIT

6 Fun options

7 T-shirts

8 E-mail lists

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