The Producer's Guide

Mary Linton Bounetheau Thompson '92

Vicki Scheribel '94

Mark Rousculp '94

Arthur Fitzmaurice '03

Alex French '05

original 1992, with edits 1994, 2002, 2005

1 Some Random Suggestions Before you Start

2 Rights & Scripts

3 First-Round Interviews (Directors)

During the first round of interviews, we pick the main directorial staff - Director, Music Director (including Vocal and Orchestra), Technical Director, Stage Manager, maybe a Choreographer.

We usually also get our Producer at this time, so some of these may have already happened.

4 Second-Round Interviews (Others)

You were selected as part of the first round process. Perhaps this is because the board thinks that you are important. Perhaps the board just wants you to handle the scheduling for the remainder of the interviews. Whatever the case may be, you are the chair of the I-Board.

5 Production Staff Meetings

6 Budget

(There are two schools of thought on how to budget a show. The first is to draw up a budget yourself, and impose it on your prod staff with limited input. The second is to get proposals, and hammer out a cooperative budget with the input of your designers. The second method is a lot more work. The actual method will just about always be some combination.)

7 Auditions

8 Casting Review Board

9 Production Staff

10 Two months before opening...

Naturally, if you're doing a show where you have less than two months before you open, you should start doing all this now.

11 One month before opening...

12 Two weeks before opening...

13 One week before opening...

14 Performances

15 Between Weekends:

16 Closing Night and Strike

17 After the show closes

This Guide last updated Spring 2005 by Alex French. Trust knowledgeable people over any specfic details I put forth. Delegata, delegat, delegate, and DON'T PANIC. Take pride in the show you're creating and work hard to make every detail run as smoothly as possible.

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