MIT Musical Theater Guild Casting Notification Policy

The MTG Managing Board

March 2002

Paragraph 2.1 of the MTG Constitution:

A full awareness of the Musical Theatre Guild's affiliation with MIT will be maintained. In filling cast and production staff positions, preference will be given to members of the MIT community, and in particular to MIT students.
  1. We, the executive board of the Musical Theatre Guild, wish to ensure that the interests of MIT and the Musical Theatre Guild are upheld throughout the audition process. For this reason, a Casting Review Board composed of members of the Musical Theatre Guild must approve casting decisions before any role is offered. A representative of the Casting Review Board may attend auditions and if so will identify him/herself. If you have any questions about the audition or casting process, please feel free to contact the Casting Review Board Chair or the Musical Theatre Guild executive board. Contact information is listed below.
  2. Auditions for all cast positions are open in order to encourage new people to become involved with the Guild. However, the audition pool may not be limited to those who present themselves during the open auditions. In cases of unavoidable conflicts, special arrangements may be made in advance to audition at an alternate time. In rare cases, recent performances may also be accepted as auditions for those who have established their interest in being cast in the show.
  3. If the audition pool seems inadequate to produce the show, the directing staff may, with the approval of the Casting Review Board Representative or the entire Casting Review Board, invite additional people to call backs.
  4. With a limited pool of people to work on a particular show, it is common that some production staff positions may be filled by members of the cast. Accordingly, no member of the production staff will be denied the right to audition to be in the cast, provided that his/her responsibilities do not conflict and that the casting review policies are maintained.
  5. In keeping with our constitution we give preference to MIT students over alumni, MIT staff, current Musical Theatre Guild members, and other members of the MIT community, and preference to all of them over those with no MIT affiliation. This doesn't mean that an auditioning MIT student will always get a role over a non-student nor that someone with no MIT affiliation will always be turned down. However, auditioners with no MIT affiliation should be aware that they will only be cast in a role if the directors believe that no one with an MIT affiliation can fill it adequately.
  6. Casting decisions will be made and presented before the Casting Review Board immediately following call backs. All who audition will be notified of the casting decisions within 48 hours of the approval of the Casting Review Board. Those who audition will then have 24 hours to accept or reject their roles, or to request more time to consider.
Contact Information

Casting Review Board
MTG Managing Board
MTG Office 617-253-6294

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