Selecting Chart Elements

Like most graphical user interface software tools, Formula One for Java requires that you select a chart element or the chart itself before you perform an action on the chart or chart element.

To move, size, or delete the chart itself, select the chart.

To move or change aspects of individual chart elements, select the chart element. Only one chart element can be selected at one time.

Note If the chart is selected, you are not allowed to select any of the chart elements. Deselect the chart by clicking anywhere on the worksheet, off the chart. Then click on the chart element of your choice.

Quick Guide to Selecting Chart Elements

This quick guide lists the selectable chart elements in alphabetical order, explains how to select them, and shows what they look like when selected.
Click on the axis, axis labels, axis title, or tick.

CTRL + click on any part of the chart.

Data label (individual)
Click the label. If the series is selected, click again to select just the label.

Data labels (series of)
Click a label in the series.

Data point
Click the data point. If the entire series is selected, click again.

Drop lines
Click the line.

Grid lines
Click one of the grid lines. You cannot select individual grid lines.

High-low lines
Click one of the high-low lines. You cannot select individual high-low lines.

Label lines
Click the line.

Click the legend.

Open-close bars
Click the bar.

Click anywhere in the plot area, but not on any particular element. If another element is selected, move the cursor away from it and click again.

Click an item in the series. If a data point is selected, click a different item in the series.

Click the title.