E. C. Katsavounidis

Department of Physics
MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research
Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Room NW22-295/NW22-263
185 Albany Str
Cambridge, MA 02139

Tel: ++1 617 258 9218
Fax: ++1 617 253 7014


Senior Research Scientist (2010-now),
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Associate Professor of Physics (2006-2010),
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Assistant Professor of Physics (2001-2006),
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Scientist (1996-2000),
Lauritsen Laboratory of High Energy Physics,
California Institute of Technology

Postdoctoral Fellow (1995-1996),
Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso,
Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics


Ph.D. in Physics, 1996 (conferred; completed in 1995), California Institute of Technology
Thesis: Search for GUT Magnetic Monopoles with the MACRO Detector, adviser: Prof. Barry Barish
M.S. in Physics, 1990, California Institute of Technology
B.S. in Physics, 1988, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Research Interests

Gravitational-wave astrophysics, multi-wavelength observations, particle astrophysics, cosmic ray physics, grid computation

Research Projects

Graduate students

Ryan Lynch, Ph.D. work in progress (expected June 2018)

Reed Essick, Ph.D. work in progress (expected June 2017)

Lindy Blackburn, Ph.D. thesis on "Open issues in the search for gravitational wave transients" , June 2010

Gautier Brunet, Master's thesis on "A study of the detection efficiency of the LIGO interferometers to transient sources", December 2008

Nickolas Fotopoulos, Master's thesis on "Searching for stochastic gravitational waves using co-located interferometric detectors" , August 2006

Stefan Ballmer, Ph.D. thesis on "LIGO interferometer operating near design sensitivity with application to stochastic background estimation and gravitational radiometry" , April 2006

Shourov Chatterji, Ph.D. thesis on "The search for gravitational-wave transients in data from the second LIGO science run" , May 2005


Will be teaching sections of 8.033: Relativity in the Fall 2017 together with Profs Vitale (sections) and Thaler (lecturer).