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Jun Huang
Research Scientist
Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan
Sloan School of Management
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
e-mail: junhuang@mit.edu

I am a research scientist at Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan (MIT CAMS), an interdisciplinary center for improving critical infrastructure cybersecurity. Before joining MIT in August 2020, I was an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Technology at Peking University, where I was a member of the Center for Energy-efficient Computing and Applications (CECA). Prior to that, I received my PhD and worked as a postdoc research associate in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Michigan State University.


I am broadly interested in networked systems and security, with a recent focus on wireless networks, cyber-physical systems, and Internet-of-Things. Some of my past and ongoing projects include:

Security and privacy: sensing privacy-invasive sensors [MobiSys'16][MobiSys'18][ToN'19][NSDI'21][Website], malware sensing on EM side-channels [S&P'21], exploiting wireless edge for public security, verification of networked plants.

Ubiquitous networking and sensing: low-power wide-area networking [MobiCom'20][ICDCS'20], wearable sensing [SenSys'17][IoTDI'17][TMC'18][TCPS'19], vehicular networking [MobiSys'13][Infocom'15][Infocom'17][ToN'20], enterprise and personal LANs [ICNP'10][ICDCS'11][Infocom'14a][Infocom'14b][TMC'15].

Selected Publications


EarFisher: Detecting Wireless Eavesdroppers by Stimulating and Sensing Memory EMR


When LoRa Meets EMR: Electromagnetic Covert Channels Can Be Super Resilient


Understanding Power Consumption of NB-IoT in the Wild: System and Large-Scale Measurements


Detecting Wireless Spy Cameras via Stimulating and Probing


Application-Layer Clock Synchronization for Wearables Using Skin Electric Potentials Induced by Powerline Radiation


Practical Bluetooth Traffic Sniffing: System and Privacy Implications


Leveraging Protocol Signatures for Improving Wireless Link Performance

A longer list is here.


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