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Purposes of this Page

I have decided that I now need a home page for making available the resources that I have developed, information for my current projects, and updates about my life for those who are concerned.

This page is not a presentation of myself to the outside world on a personal level. I retain full rights to the knowledge of my interests, opinions, and motivations, to be dispersed by other means.

Resources Available Here

Go to the Random Resources and Uncommon Interests Section for the resources available on this site. This section constitutes the majority of the content here.

Other resources of mine are at the other websites that I have maintained.

Professional Summary

I have some official claim to skills as a computer scientist, software developer, engineer, mathematician, philosopher, and educator. Below are some documents of use to those who want to evaluate my skills.

Life Updates

Pure Descriptors   Combined Descriptors
Project Updates   Situation-effecting Project Choice
Situational/Choice Updates   Discussion of Personal Choice
Discussion Entries   Discussion of Project Choice

Moving to Grey 17 2004 January 15
I got offered the chance to live at Grey17, a Random Hall offshoot owned by David Krikorian (dkk). I took it.
LiveJournal now available 2003 September 10
I decided to have a LiveJournal, which I'm using both for snippet-life-updates and as an open diary, at the request of Tibicen, my teacher in wisdom, who has now set me loose upon the world as a journeyman in wisdom. Anyone should be able to read my LiveJournal.
Signals and Systems at Olin College 2003 August 6
I got the Signals and Systems / Digital Signal Processing instructor job at Olin College! I will be helping to run a cohort that combines Signals and Systems ideas with projects that use C to control Analog Devices DSP chips. I'm very excited.
Creating Home Page 2003 July 31
I've finally found sufficient call for a webpage in my life and began its construction. You can see my old web page (from nearly 8 yeaers ago), The Professor's Study.

Webpage To-Do's

This page is always under construction and reflects the constant motorcycle work that is my life. The following is a public reflection of my private list of things to do in the future for this page.

Contact Information

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Home Address
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Grey 17 Olin College
Email: jrising at(@) mit.edu
Phone: 617-852-9088
Address: 283 Washington St.
Cambridge, MA 02139
Email: jrising at(@) olin.edu
Phone: 781-292-2539
Address: Olin Way, #331
Needham, MA 02492

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