Jason Altschuler

Email: jasonalt [at] mit [dot] edu
Office: Stata D760

I am on the academic job market. CV


I am a final-year PhD student in the EECS department at MIT. I am fortunate to be advised by Pablo Parrilo. My research is supported by an NSF PhD fellowship and a TwoSigma PhD fellowship.

My research is at the interface of optimization, probability, and machine learning. I am particularly interested in optimization problems over probability distributions, with a recent focus on problems related to optimal transport.

I am interested in practical implementations as well as theory. In summer 2021, I interned under Kunal Talwar in Appleā€™s new research team on differential privacy. I've previously interned at Google Research, Tower Research, and DE Shaw. While I was an undergrad at Princeton, I was fortunate to work with Elad Hazan and Emmanuel Abbe.

In my free time, I like to play chess. I obtained an International Master norm in Spain in 2015.

--> I am co-organizing a workshop on Optimal Transport and Machine Learning at NeurIPS 2021. Please submit your exciting new work!


Preprints under review

Journal articles

Conference proceedings


At MIT, I was a TA for the grad course 6.255/15.093 Optimization Methods in Fall 2019.

At Princeton, I was a TA for:
  • COS 511: Theoretical machine learning (grad course) -- Spring 2016
  • MAT 340: Applied algebra -- Fall 2015
  • MAT 216: Honors real analysis -- Fall 2014
  • MAT 217: Honors linear algebra -- Spring 2014
  • MAT 215: Honors real analysis -- Fall 2013