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* Call for Tutorial Articles *


The Knowledge Engineering Review (KER), by Cambridge University Press, seeks to publish high-quality tutorials on various topics related to Artificial Intelligence and knowledge-based systems. All contributions within the scope of the journal are welcome.

Tutorial papers fill a gap in the literature by addressing timely topics for which a book-length account is still premature (e.g. because the area is developing too rapidly). As such, tutorials play an important role in developing and promoting new ideas.

Tutorial papers differ somewhat from survey papers. A survey aims at providing balanced but critical presentations of the primary concepts in an area. A tutorial, on the other hand, provides a detailed introduction to an area, possibly focusing on one specific approach or technique. It is hoped that the tutorial would focus on helping the reader become familiar with particular techniques, and so would make use of examples and, possibly, exercises.

Tutorial papers will be reviewed for value, quality and style, and if accepted, will be published and indexed as is the case with normal KER articles.

Submission Instructions

Prospective authors should prepare their submissions as per the instructions on regular Knowledge Engineering Review articles, and submit them directly to the associate editor for tutorials (details below).

For any inquiries (e.g. to see if a topic is within scope, or if a paper is appropriate as a tutorial), please contact the 
associate editor for tutorials.

KER Associate Editor for Tutorials

  • Iyad Rahwan
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Cambridge, Massachusetts
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