hi, I'm

stephanie fu

I'm a senior at MIT graduating in 2022.

B.S. Computer Science | B.S. Music

Minor in Mathematics

Hometown: Manhattan, Kansas

Studies at: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Technologies I've been using recently:

  • Python
  • PyTorch & Tensorflow
  • JavaScript
  • Git
  • music21
  • Java
  • HTML & CSS
  • Julia
  • SQL
  • Bootstrap

I've worked with people at:


STEP InternJune - September 2020
SWE InternJune - August 2021


Software ExternJanuary 2020


Software InternJune - August 2019

Thunderhead Engineering

Software InternJune 2017, June - August 2018

I'm interested in:


I've had the privilege of working with some amazing labs at MIT. In 2019, I worked with Prof. Yoel Fink and Gabriel Loke on the data analysis and machine learning side to develop smart fabrics that collect data on the wearer's health and make predictions on health concerns.
In 2020, I worked on Prof. William Freeman, Mark Hamilton, and others on MosAIc, a tool that leverages a conditional search algorithm to provide culture and medium-conditioned art matches. Check out the paper on the algorithm here.


I have participated in 9 hackathons (and co-organized 1) since 2016, and have won awards including 1st place, Best AI Hack, Best Mobile Hack, and Best Use of AWS. Check out some of my projects on GitHub!


In 2019, I co-founded TEDxMIT, a conference that brings together a variety of speakers twice a year. With tens of organizers, hundreds of attendees each time, and tens of thousands of views on YouTube and TED.com, the conference has taken off and become a hotspot for new ideas in the Boston area and beyond.


The first organization I joined at MIT was Battlecode, and I haven't looked back since! Every year, we put on an international AI programming competition for all levels - I have worked on several aspects of Battlecode, including the finances, website management, and client design.


I enjoy learning about music theory and music from culture different from my own. Recently, I have been learning to compose. Check out some of my recordings here!


One of my favorite things to do is to teach subjects and watch others pick up a love for computer science and math. I led a recitation section for differential equations in Fall 2019, have given lectures on programming and version control, and am always looking for another opportunity to teach!

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