1. The Spectral Hecke algebra.
  2. Etale Steenrod operations and the Artin-Tate pairing.
    • Here are some notes for a talk on this paper.
    • This paper subsumes two of my earlier two papers, "Steenrod operations in etale cohomology and applications to the Brauer group of a surface over a finite field" and "An alternating property for higher Brauer groups", but also goes much further than both.
  3. Nearby cycles of parahoric shtukas, and a fundamental lemma for base change.
    • Here are some notes for a talk on this paper.
  4. Epipelagic Langlands parameters and L-packets for unitary groups (with Niccolo Ronchetti and Cheng-Chiang Tsai).
  5. Extensions of vector bundles on the Fargues-Fontaine curve (with C. Birkbeck, D. Hansen, S. Hong, Q. Li, A. Wang, and L. Ye).
  6. Privately Evaluating Decision Trees and Random Forests (with D. Wu, M. Naehrig, and K. Lauter). Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies 4 (2016), 1-21.
  7. Old REU (undergraduate) work:

  8. (with Z. Li, S. Trebat-Leder, D. Corwin) Elliptic Curves with Full Two-Torsion and Maximal Adelic Galois Representations, Math. Comp. 83 (2014), 2925-2951.
  9. (with K. James, C. Kim, E. Ramos, C. Trentacoste, H. Xue) Three Selmer Groups for Elliptic Curves with 3-torsion, Ram. Journal 31, Issue 3 (2013), 435-459.
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