Here's a copy of the letter Jian read on stage:

May 17, 1997
Prof. J. Florey
84 Massachusetts Avenue, W20-577
Cambridge, MA 02139
Moxy Fruvous
PO Box 90005
1436 Queen St. West
Toronto, ON M6K 3E3

Dear Mr. Mike Ford, Mr. Murray Foster, Mr. Jian Ghomeshi, and Mr. Dave Matheson:

We at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology would like to thank you, Moxy Fruvous, for your contributions to the awareness of science, technology, and other areas of study. Specifically, these departments commend you for the following:

Again, thank you from all of us at MIT. We're very fortunate to have you visit us here, and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.


Professor Jack Florey
Dean for Student Entertainment and Canadian Affairs

set listThis is the set list from the show performed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on May 17, 1997. Note the "Crackers -- Roof + Tunnel Hackers" that Mike added to remind himself of the little tune he came up with. "Dancing" was their first encore, and the grunge mix of King of Spain and the Drinking Song were their second.

Elliot Schwartz / <> / May 18, 1997.