Advanced Internet Topics - Lecture Notes

Elliot Schwartz <>

The following are slides and notes that I prepared for an Advanced Internet Topics class I co-taught at MIT in 1997 and 1998 with John Hawkinson. Each topic lasted one hour, and the entire class was 9 hours, spread over three consecutive evenings. The 1998 class featured slides in HTML, with illustrations, and an accompanying set of more descriptive notes. The 1997 class has PowerPoint slides in 6-to-a-page PostScript files, and some accompanying diagrams, illustrations, and examples.

1998 Slides and Notes:

Introduction and Overview slides [html] notes [html]
TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) slides [html] (jhawk)
IPv6 slides [html] notes [html]
Routing and Addressing slides [html] notes [html]
Level 2 Networking slides [html] (jhawk)
Applications slides [html] notes [html]

1997 Slides:

Introduction to Internetworking slides [ps, 1356k] Layers diagram 1 [gif, 3k]
Layers diagram 2 [gif, 3k]
Layers diagram 3 [gif, 4k]
(diagram credit: Cisco)
The Internet Protocol slides [ps, 1094k] IP Packet Format [text]
IP Addressing and Routing slides [ps, 1191k] IP Address Format [ps, 5k]
Sample IP Network [ps, 7k]
Routing Table (blank) [ps, 4k]
External and Internal Routing [ps, 6k]
Link State routing [ps, 7k]
Random address assignement [ps, 6k]
Hierarchical address assignment [ps, 6k]
Applications: e-mail & the Web slides [ps, 1029k] RFC822 example [text]
Typical e-mail path [ps, 16k]
Example SMTP session [text]
Example POP session [text]
Example HTTP session [text]
Hardware slides [ps, 1094k] Bus topology [ps, 4k]
Point-To-Point topology [ps, 3k]
Ring topology [ps, 4k]
Star topology [ps, 4k]
Internet Engineering slides [html]

Elliot Schwartz / <> / March 5, 1999.