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Brand Portrait Tasting Notes Natural Habitat
Dr Pepper The standard against which all others are measured
No surprise that this product went national
Diet Dr Pepper Very similar to regular Dr Pepper, but a little fizzier and foamier
Minimal (and certainly acceptable) "diet" aftertaste
Dr. Becker Mouth Feel: thin
Sweetness: not overly sweet
Aftertaste: acidic, revolting
Nose: chemical
Dr. Chek Smooth but too sweet
A little better than Dr. K
Virginia (Winn Dixie)
Dr. Cool Mouth Feel: thin, watery, none
Sweetness: not overly sweet
Aftertaste: bitter
Nose: excellent
Dr. Delight Fruity but lacks complexity. Sweeter than average. Slimy, with a faste-fade aftertaste. Louisiana (Delchamps)
Dr. K Yech
Medicinal, pruny, robitussiny, artificial cherry taste
Thin, needs more phosphoric acid
Virginia (Kroger)
Dr. Perky No carbonation
Too sweet
Virginia (Food Lion)
Dr. R Undistinguished cedary flavor, moderately but sickly sweet, flat and seltzerish with little aftertaste. Expected something bigger and better from Texas Texas (Randalls)
Diet Dr. R Vile, even for a diet soda. Who would voluntarily drink this? A strong cedar aroma suitable for a closet. Watery mouthfeel, metallic acidic aftertaste. Texas (Randalls)
Dr. Randalls Mouth Feel: slimy, yet fizzy
Aftertaste: flowery
Sweetness: creme soda
Nose: pharmaceutical
Texas (Randall's)
Diet Dr. Randalls Mouth Feel: large bubbles
Sweetness: not very sweet
Aftertaste: metallic
Nose: almond
N.B. bears no resemblance to regular Dr. Randall
Texas (Randall's)
Dr. Riffic Medicinal cedar flavor, full-bodied, fizzy and tingly like poprocks, woody aftertaste Virginia (Eckerd)
Dr. Rocket Good nose
Sorta thin
A little sweet
Virginia (K-Mart)
Dr. S Weak and fizzy, clunky, no nose
Very dull can design
About what you'd expect from SFW
Virginia (Shoppers Food Warehouse)
Dr. Skipper Strong nose
Very bland watery taste
Flat, poor head retention
Not what you would expect from Safeway Select
Cute and whimsical can, however
Virginia (Safeway)
Dr. Slice Reddish color
Too sweet
Dr. Smith's Good but not memorable Utah
Dr. Smooth Award-winning can
Too sweet
Weird moth ball or cedar aroma
Not much taste, bad aftertaste
OK mouth feel
Virginia (Harris Teeter)
Diet Dr. Smooth Bad aftertaste Virginia (Harris Teeter)
Dr. Starr Fruity nose with a hint of vanilla
Cotton-candy mouth feel
Clean, no aftertaste
Light carbonation
No relation to Ken (so far as Dr. Soda Man knows)
California (Lucky)
Dr. Thirst Mouth Feel: good
Sweetness: not overly sweet
Aftertaste: moderately fruity
Nose: cedar chips
Dr. Thunder Similar to Diet Dr. Thunder Virginia (Walmart)
Diet Dr. Thunder Robitussiny nose
Primary flavor: seltzer
Inadequate bubbles
Excessively sweet aftertaste, but shortlived
One of the less objectionable varieties
Virginia (Walmart)
Dr. Wells Flat, watery, yet astringent mouthfeel. Aftertaste is redolent of bug spray or citronelle, with a Pinesol finish. Low sweetness. Fruity nose, weak taste. Suitable only for children, but curiously addictive -- it grows on you. Virginia (Fresh Fields)
Doctor [sic] Whatever Brown-sugary, molasses, too-sweet flavor. Pruny, fruity nose. Intriguing frothy head, but poor overall carbonation. Little aftertaste. Virginia (Fresh Fields)
Dr. Zing Cherry flavor, moderately sweet, fruity nose, poor carbonation, slimy, short aftertaste half-life Virginia (Giant)

And finally, this page would be incomplete without a mention of the distinguished Dr. Soda, emeritus professor and founder of the Kimura Laboratory of Tribology at the University of Tokyo.