Causal Matrix Completion

Under Submission, 2021.

PerSim: Data-efficient Offline Reinforcement Learning with Heterogeneous Agents via Personalized Simulators

NeurIPS, 2021.

Predicting Heterogeneous Drug Effects on Gene Expression across Cell Types

Under Submission, 2021.

Synthetic Interventions

Under Submission, 2021. Workshop version in NeurIPS Workshop on CausalML, 2019

Two Burning Questions on COVID-19

Memo, 2020 (MIT News)

On Robustness of Principal Component Regression

NeurIPS, 2019 (oral presentation). Also in JASA, 2021.

Multi-dimensional Robust Synthetic Control

ACM Sigmetrics, 2019. Also in POMACS, 2019.

Model Agnostic Time Series Analysis via Matrix Estimation

ACM Sigmetrics, 2019. Also in POMACS, 2018.

Robust Synthetic Control

JMLR, 2018