Clean Laboratory

We prepare U-Th dating samples, seawater samples, and other blank-sensitive samples in a clean laboratory. The clean lab has HEPA-filtered air supply, three class-10 ULPA-filtered laminar flow hoods, three additional laminar flow work stations, a weighing room, a closed-system sample digestion system for samples requiring perchloric acid use, multiple graphite hot plates, a Millipore water purification system and an ultraclean acid distillation system.

Wet Chemistry Laboratory

Our work with marine sediments takes place in a semi-clean laboratory adjacent to the clean lab. This outside lab includes metal-free fume hoods and a class-100 laminar flow hood for sample digestion as well as a balance, centrifuge, a Millipore water purification system, and closed-system evaporating blocks for perchloric acid use.

More photos of the clean and wet chemistry labs

News story about the lab opening

Mass spectrometry

Our group has a Nu Plasma II-ES MC-ICP-MS located just down the hall from the chemistry labs. The instrument is equipped with a newly developed enhanced sensitivity interface and an Aridus II desolvating nebulizer to reduce oxides and provide maximum sensitivity. This instrument is used primarily for U-Th analyses, but is also used for Sr, Nd, Hf and Pb analysis.

We also have access to a VG PQ2+ quadrupole ICP-MS (maintained by the Boyle group) for trace element analyses and U-Th screening of carbonate samples.

Sample preparation

We maintain facilities for slabbing and polishing speleothems and other carbonates and for milling carbonate powders for stable isotope analysis at high spatial resolution (<100 ┬Ám spacing). This lab also contains space and equipment for physical preparation of samples (e.g., sieving, picking, oven drying).