Adam Sealfon

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Update (Fall 2019): I have graduated and started a postdoc at UC Berkeley, where I am supervised by Mike Jordan and Jacob Steinhardt.

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I am in the final year of my PhD in computer science at MIT, where I am advised by Shafi Goldwasser. I am broadly interested in privacy, security, robustness, and the theoretical foundations of computing in the presence of untrusted or unreliable parties or devices.

I received an AB in mathematics and an SM in computer science from Harvard University in 2013, where I was advised by Salil Vadhan. At MIT, I am a member of the Theory of Computation (ToC) and Cryptography and Information Security (CIS) groups. I am currently visiting the Simons Institute program on Foundations of Deep Learning.

CV: [pdf]

Email: asealfon at mit dot edu


    See also DBLP and Google Scholar.
  • Efficiently Estimating Erdős-Rényi Graphs with Node Differential Privacy
    Adam Sealfon and Jon Ullman
    Accepted to NeurIPS 2019
    Available at [arXiv]
  • It wasn't me! Repudiability and Claimability of Ring Signatures
    Sunoo Park and Adam Sealfon
    Crypto 2019
    Available at [ePrint]
  • Towards Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge for NP from LWE
    Ron D. Rothblum, Adam Sealfon and Katerina Sotiraki
    PKC 2019, and also invited to Journal of Cryptology
    Available at [ePrint]
  • Population Stability: Regulating Size in the Presence of an Adversary
    Shafi Goldwasser, Rafail Ostrovsky, Alessandra Scafuro and Adam Sealfon
    PODC 2018
    Available at [arXiv]
  • Network Oblivious Transfer
    Ranjit Kumaresan, Srinivasan Raghuraman and Adam Sealfon
    Crypto 2016
    Available at [ePrint]
  • Shortest Paths and Distances with Differential Privacy
    Adam Sealfon
    PODS 2016
    Recipient of best student paper award
    Available at [arXiv]
  • Truth Tellers and Liars with Fewer Questions
    Gilad Braunschvig, Alon Brutzkus, David Peleg and Adam Sealfon
    Discrete Mathematics, 2015
  • Fault Tolerant Additive and (μ, α)-Spanners
    Gilad Braunschvig, Shiri Chechik, David Peleg and Adam Sealfon
    Theoretical Computer Science, 2015
  • Agreement in Partitioned Dynamic Networks (Brief Announcement)
    Adam Sealfon and Katerina Sotiraki
    DISC 2014
    Available at [arXiv]