Big Screw

The Institute Screw Contest

For information about the contest, please contact If you would like to receive informational e-mails during the contest, subscribe to big-screw-interested by typing blanche big-screw-interested -add $USER at the Athena prompt.

What is Big Screw?

The Institute Screw Contest, popularly referred to as "Big Screw," is an annual charity fundraiser at MIT, sponsored by the Alpha Chi Chapter of
Alpha Phi Omega. The purpose of Big Screw is to award a three foot, left-handed aluminum wood screw to the faculty or staff member most deserving of such an award and to raise money for charity.

Throughout the week of April 12 - April 16, there will be a booth in Lobby 10 where you can cast your votes from 9 am to 5 pm. It is one penny per vote, and the candidate that receives the most donations wins the Big Screw and and all of the money donated for a chosen charity.

Candidates and Totals

As of 5pm Thursday, April 25, the candidates and totals are:
                                 Thursday     Total
Charles Vest                      $25.56    $145.04
  Make a Wish Foundation

Rob Miller (6.170)                $49.49    $141.58
  Habitat for Humanity of Boston

Dean Randolph                     $39.65    $131.67
  Hospice of Cambridge

Karen Nilsson                     $58.81    $ 58.93
  American Cancer Society

John Belcher (8.02)               $27.11    $ 35.79
  Angell Memorial Pet Hospital

Ron Roscoe (6.101)                $20.11    $ 35.27
  The New England Home for Little Wanderers

Duane Boning (6.001)              $ 4.69    $ 34.60
  Pine Street Inn

Sarah Tobacco (5.12)              $ 3.40    $ 21.48
  Alliance for Animals Metro Action Clinic

Haynes Miller (18.03)             $ 8.77    $ 10.98
  Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees

Ernest Cravalho (2.006)           $ 4.89    $  4.89

Webly Jean-Baptiste (18.085)      $ 2.00    $  3.86

Robert Weinberg (7.012)           $ 1.12    $  2.66

Write-ins                         $43.68    $ 90.70

Past Winners and Charities

Last year's winner, George C. Verghese, won with $384.87 for a grand total of $1004.80.
YearWinner - Charity
2003George C. Verghese - Doctors Without Borders
2002Steven B. Leeb - Pine Street Inn
2001Hale Bradt - MIT Community Service Fund
2000Neal Dorow - Josiah Seale Family c/o Shepherd Center
1999Carl D. Martland - Audubon Society
1998C. Michael Mohr - Greater Boston Food Bank
1997Neal H. Dorow - MIT Community Service Fund
1996Wesley L. Harris (Unified) - American Heart Association
1995Matthew H. Braun - Boston Food Bank
1994Robert D. Logcher - Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts
1993Eliot S. Levitt - AIDS Action of Massachusetts
1992(not held)
1991Pascal R. Chesnais
1990Anne Glavin
1989Gerald Sussman
1988Jeffrey Schiller
1987Emmett A. Witmer
1986Arthur Mattuck
1985Shirley M. McBay - Aid for Ethiopia fund
1984James Kirtley
1983Gerald Sussman
1982Fran Brister
1981Ted Shifrin
1980Tim Grove
1979F. R. McFeely
1978Luise Keohane - American Cancer Society
1977John Dickey
1976Judith Bostock
1975Tom Hill
1971Ken Browning
1968Kenneth Wadleigh
1967Arthur Mattuck