Hi! Welcome to my website. I'm Amber Li, or as some like to call me, amli. Currently, I am a second-semester M.Eng. student in course 6-3 (computer science) concentrating in AI. My thesis work is with the Learning & Intelligent Systems Group in CSAIL. In spring 2022, I graduated from MIT with my Bachelor's in course 6-3 and a minor in course 18 (math).

Stuff I Do

I am currently on the exec board of MIT Women in EECS and was co-president during the spring and fall of 2020. I've enjoyed playing violin with MIT Chamber Music Society for the past six semesters, as well as MIT Symphony Orchestra in the past. I've also been involved with MIT DanceTroupe, MIT Asian Dance Team, and MIT Happy Club, and I was previously a Technology Chair for MIT Society of Women Engineers.


You can email me at amli [at] mit [dot] edu. I'd love to chat with you!