Alicia Li

Hi! I'm an MIT undergraduate double majoring in course 6-4 (AI and Decision Making) and 18 (Math)


My email is (myname) at ! (email me for CV)


Adversarial Attacks against Online Learning Agents

2022-2023 MIT PRIMES research project. I constructed adversarial streaming algorithms against Epsilon-Greedy and Epsilon-Annealing sampling victims. I proved theoretical guarantees for the performance of these algorithms and coded them in Python.

Play To Donate

I made an app that lets people donate to charity when they play my games by leveraging ad revenue!

Watch To Donate

I created the first and only nonprofit student organization that enables people to donate without using any of their money by utilizing ad revenue from social media videos, mobile apps (iOS & Android), and collaborations with artists and businesses.



I'm on MIT Asian Dance Team, Ridonkulous (MIT's competitive hip hop dance team), and was previously on Fixation (MIT's competitive contemporary dance team) in the fall semester. I also enjoy figure skating and watching movies with friends in my free time!