Tips for 2-Way Prayer (Part II)

Measurement of Spiritual Elevation

Continued from the Preparation page. This section also assumes you are following the steps outlined in Ben H. Swett's A Small Explanation and Prayer as a Form of 2-Way Communication

It is vital to get some sense of how far you are elevated and thus of what part of the "spiritual spectrum" you're tuning into, since it could make the difference between listening to a busybody spirit's idea of "good advice" vs. real messages from the One God.

Here's an example that helps to explain this: If you've just had a nasty job termination and you're feeling really down, you might think, "I'll never work again!" or "I wish I could have revenge on my boss" and it might seem perfectly normal to you. But if you were in a good frame of mind, this would seem absurd. You'd be filled with positive, creative ideas instead: "I could ask Joe about job X, which sounds like just the thing for me" "I could work as Y and make a real differnce AND provide for my family" (etc). The ideas each state produces makes sense while in that state, but some states and ideas are far better than others. This shows you how much your mind/mood affects what ideas you are tuned to and attuned to! The same with seeking inspiration!

The following are guidelines and ideas and suggestions for tuning into God's creative, positive inspiration. They are the product of a lot of thought and prayer about the question, "How elevated does someone's praying have to be? How can we know when we are tuning into the right part of the spectrum?" Of course, these are not perfect, but take them into consideration as possible tools.

I wound up using the language of meters, gauges, and indices, but that's just an analogy.

Tips for the Measurement of Elevation

If you discover you're in the more negative aspects of many of these criteria, or you're just scratching your head and saying, "Huh? I never feel joy or awe or anything like that!" then go on to the Troubleshooting section.

OK, if you can honestly say "Yeah, that sounds true, and good, and is true of me now" to many of these, then it might be safe to proceed. Continue on with Ben's steps 4, 5, and 6 --- care for another, inquire of God "What can we do to help?", and listen for the reply. Then go on to step 7: Test the spirit of the message, so as to determine whether to act or not act, to refrain from acting or to wait! This is what I call "discernment," and this is the primary filter to make sure you don't listen to liars and cheats, and is absolutely vital. So, this is the last step:

Judging: Testing the Spirit

Some tips for the discernment of the message and tone.

Now, if the message seems to be good, and holy, and just, then follow it. (Dr. George Ritchie's criteria are: Is it loving? Does it sound like what Jesus would say? Is it truth as far I can understand? Does it "pass the test of reality" of all ages and for all time?) If you have doubts, hold off and wait. "God is patient," as Ben says. Please note also, as Ben eloquently writes:

Ben : Angels typically deliver their message and leave. If we want to continue to receive messages after they leave, other beings are likely to come to us and pretend to be angels. This pattern is very common. It can be discerned by the (sometimes subtle or gradual) change in the content of the messages. I have found this pattern in reports I have read, and testimony by people I believe, and personal experience.

One you have your message, do not prolong contact seeking for unnecessarily clarification, or behind-the-scenes insights. There will be enough insight in the doing.


Practice is vital. You'll probably wind up listening to liars at some point, possibly some terribly good deceivers who will at first pay lip-service to God, but will later mislead in small and growing ways. Always, always, always check a message for the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Don't get caught up by miracles or the desire for them. Don't buy into anything that disparages or neglects God, which glorifies anyone but God (or maybe Jesus), or which takes away from joy. .... And remember, even if you do slip up and wind up listening to liars, God is patient, and will help you return to the truth. Besides which, mistakes help teach.

Fixing Elevation Problems: Troubleshooting

There are real, honest problems for people who have been "cursed" with the inability to reach joy, gladness, reverence, awe, love --- so much so they believe that such emotions can't exist for them, or that such emotions are a sign of foolishness. This is not true; everyone has the capacity for these things, even if they can't reach such elevated heights on their own --- yet. Moreover, such feelings are not foolish; they are steps up the spiritual spectrum toward God's realm, where all are loved.

Inability to elevate the spirit is often a result of dark attachees and/or "thought-form"s that cut off the light and/or bring in darkness. These can be fixed or worked around. Moreover, they really must be fixed or worked around if you want to attempt 2-way prayer.