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Want to know how big the Internet is? How fast is it growing? Will it ever stop? These pages are meant to be a collection of Internet statistics in one place. A good bit of this, especially the web growth data, was researched by me personally. Other information is credited appropriately on the individual pages.

If you want to publish these statistics in any form, you are granted permission under the conditions that, if the data originated with me, you include explicit credit to "Matthew Gray of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology". This includes permission to include in newspaper, magazine, newsletter and journal articles, presentations, memos, web sites, and marketing material, assuming proper credit is given. You are not required to notify me of your use of this data, but feel free to let me know. A more detailed bio for me is also available.

In the cases where I am not the original source of the data, you must seek permission elsewhere.

Feel free to contact me at, but please read the contact page before doing so to assure best use of our time.

Printing these pages: An identical version of these pages, but without a white font, such that it will print out, is available.

The older version of the growth report is still available as well.

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