Work stuff

Reference pages exist for several groups I'm a part of...


The IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) is the group which sets the standards for the Internet. I work on a number of the working groups (and proto-WGs), notably: Other working groups that I follow include Routing Policy System (rps), Inter-Domain Routing (idr), UniDirectional Link Routing (udlr) and DNS Security (dnssec).


The North American Network Operations Group (NANOG) brings together network operators from all the major networks in North America to discuss issues of common interest. Interconnection, routing, and other issues are all discussed.


The IEPG (International Engineering and Planning Group) brings together the people who engineer the global interconnection of The Internet.

Internet status

Several places have started putting together general Internet status summaries:


Also pages for other groups I work with a lot, Merit has pages for the Routing Arbiter and about the transition to the new NSFnet architecture. And there's Bill Manning's Page o' NAPs aka a list of known exchange points.

The IANA and pages are useful as well.

I also have a page that collects references to network maps of various kinds.
Useful Internet statistics are collected by Network Wizards. The Internet Business Centre also has some nice graphs of various statistics.
There's a useful pointer for using CIDR (in PostScript).
The CERT has a directory of all past advisories concerning security matters.

A lot of the people from these groups have been collected in a photo album of pictures taken by Peter Löthberg and Ulla Sandberg. They even have some of me.

Some other pointers that I often refer people to:

References for network info

I hope to expand this list to be more complete, but have just started to note things that will go in the list...

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