Collected Papers of Eric von Hippel

This eBook (ISBN 13: 978-0-615-14538-9) will be periodically updated.

The most recent update was December 18, 2012

This eBook contains a number of articles that I have authored or coauthored. In each of the areas where my colleagues and I have worked, there is obviously a great deal of wonderful work by others as well. Please use the references in the more recent papers as one resource to guide you to the related work of others.

Table of Contents

Paper Index

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Section 1: Innovation by users and lead users

Section 2: Sticky Information

Section 3: Open information / Intellectual property / Information trading

Section 4: Innovation Communities / Community Economics

Section 5: Innovation toolkits

Section 6: Innovation Policy, Innovation Measurement

Section 7: Methods

Section 8: Models of the sources of innovation