Things you should know so this story will be funny: (1) Venesuela is *very* Catholic. (2) Baked Potatoes sometimes explode if you don't pierce the skins to let the steam escape.

My parents met, and got married while working in Venesuela for Shell Oil. Shell provided their North American employees with North American houses, Venesuelan maids, and a company store that sold North American food, like potatoes.My mother taught her maid how to prepare baked potatoes. In some families, people poke the uncooked potatoes with a fork, other families cut an "X" in them. In my family we cut an "X" in them.Anyhow, one day my mother heard an explosion in the kitchen! She ran into see what was going on. The maid was hysterical, and there was baked potatoe all over the oven. "!Senhora!" she cried. "!I am so sorry, I knew how religious you were, but this time I was in a hurry, and I didn't think God would notice..."