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Who lives at WILG?

We are a group of about 40 or so mostly undergraduate women. We have an RA (Resident Advisor), and a few graduate students (most of whom are WILG members who lived here as undergraduates and are staying to get their masters degrees).

What is the history of WILG?

The living group was created in 1976 by a group of MIT alums who were interested in giving MIT women undergraduates more diverse housing options.

How far away is WILG from MIT?

The MIT campus is about a 7 minute walk away from WILG.

How much does WILG cost?

The housebill is, on average, around $2500 per term. This includes all the food we offer (see below) and allows you to stay during IAP (Independent Activities Period in January).

Does WILG have non-residential members?

Yes, if you are interested in being a non-residential member of WILG during your freshman year, please check us out during rush or contact our rush chairs, Kristina & Emily at wilg-rush[at]mit.edu. One room in the house is set aside for non-residential members to keep some of their stuff, hang out, and crash for the night. Non-residential members have the option of purchasing a half or full meal plan.

What food does WILG offer?

WILG house members volunteer to cook dinner (and are paid to do so). Dinners are served at 6pm every day except Saturday, and at 7pm on Fridays. We always have vegetarian options. Also, house members who are out late, working at lab, or practicing a varsity sport, can sign up to have a late dinner prepared for them. In addition, lunches are prepared for class days; many house members pack lunch and take it to campus or return home between classes. Many breakfast foods are also kept in the house. We have an open pantry policy; you can raid all the goodies we have (fruit, veggies, junk food, as well as pasta, soup, etc) at any time of day during the term. Food is not provided during IAP or in the summer.

What facilities does WILG have?

WILG boasts one large kitchen, a small kitchen on the fourth floor, laundry machines (50 cents to wash and the dryers are free), and three house computers which are connected to two laser printers. In the TV room we have a VCR and DVD player. There are two or three bathrooms on each floor, each shared by three to four people. For more details, see the house tour.

What do I have to do at WILG?

On a weekly basis, every residential member does a house job and kitchen job. Examples of house jobs are: gathering the recycling from containers throughout the house, cleaning common areas, or making lunch once a week. There are 5 kitchen jobs assigned for each day: early morning, afternoon, dinner setup (except Saturdays), after dinner, and late night. Every job involves basic cleaning like sweeping, mopping, putting away dishes, and wiping off countertops.

Every two weeks or so, we hold mandatory house meetings. They are usually an hour long. In addition, we all participate in Rush, when we meet female students who are thinking of living here. Everyone also pitches in to clean the house during work week (before fall term) and work day (before the start of spring term).

Can I smoke at WILG?

Smoking is not permitted inside the building.

Can I have pets at WILG?

Non-mammals are acceptable at WILG. In fact, many fish live at WILG. Mammals require a unanimous vote of approval.

Is there public transportation nearby?

A red line subway stop is a three minute walk away. The #1 bus, which runs down Massachusetts Ave. from Back Bay Boston to Harvard Square, stops right in front of our house (It also stops at MIT). In addition, we have a SafeRide stop. SafeRide is a van service that MIT provides between the hours of 6pm and 3am, so that you don't have to walk back alone.

What sort of initiation process is there?

None. As soon as you pledge, you are a full WILG member. Although all the offices for the current term will already have been filled, you can run for a house office during the next semester.

Am I allowed to have guests?

Guests are more than welcome. Anyone can stay with a house member on a short term basis as long as they don't move in permanently.

Who can I contact with other questions?

You can email wilg-rush[at]mit.edu or see our contact page for specific officers.