Anti-queer Crimes

A few examples of anti-gay violence and victimization during 1992

January 28: An Auburn University freshman was arrested for firing a
rifle on members of the school's lesbian and gay organization from his
dormitory window on campus.

March 1: In West Hollywood, California, two teenagers pummeled a gay
man with their fists and a beer bottle while shouting anti-gay
slurs. When a woman passer-by shouted for them to stop, they pinned
her down and beat her.

March 21: A group of ten youths between the ages of 8 and 14 shot a
bartender at a Norfolk, Virgina gay bar. The oldest youth told police
the group was out to "mess with some gays."

April 19: In Methuen, Massachusetts, two women were attacked after
leaving a gay bar by two men in the parking lot. The men yelled
anti-gay slurs at the women, then punched and kicked them. One man
beat one of the women with a "club" steering wheel lock. The men were
scared off by bar bouncers, but later apprehended when witnesses
reported the license plate number to local police. One of the men was
an off-duty police officer shouted, "Queers, fags, dykes, get out
of my town. Lesbians don't belong here!"

May 5: A suburban Detroit lesbian couple was shot and killed in their
front yard by a neighbor upset at their displays of affection.

June: An Ocean Beach, California fitness club received approximately
150 harassing phone call from an individual threatening to bomb the
club because it catered to homosexuals.

July: Two men leaving a popular Washington, DC African American gay
club were shot by two teenagers, left on the street, and nearly bled
to death.

August 18: Police used violent force against a group of about 1,000
gay and AIDS activists outside the Houston Astrodome during the
Republican National Convention. Without warning, the police beat
demonstrators with night clubs, trampled some with their horses, and
shouted anti-gay slurs.

September: Vandals painted anti-gay slurs, a White Aryan Resistance
slogan and a swastika on Honolulu, Hawaii YMCA housing a lesbian/gay
community center.

September 26: Hattie Mae Cohen, an African American lesbian, and Brian
Mock, a white gay man with a disability, died in Salem, Oregon when
skinheads firebombed their house after beating Mock while shouting
anti-gay epithets. The skinheads called Cohen a "nigger dyke" when she
came to Mock's defense earlier in the month.

September 30: The brake lines of a gay activist's car were cut while
he attended a "No on Hate" meeting at Portland State University.

October 24: In Long Island, New York, two youths, ages 12 and 16, beat
a gay man to death with clubs and bats near an area frequented by gay

December 3: In Denver, Colorado, Aline Goodchild was verbally and
physically assaulted when exiting a bus by two skinheads who yelled
anti-lesbian slurs at her and pushed her to the ground. She was
wearing a "No on 2" button protesting Colorado's anti-gay referendum.

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