Letter to the Thistle

Dear Mr. Fox:

	I read with interest your article in the September 6 issue of
the Thistle, which listed amounts of money that my wife, Dr. Judith
Wurtman, and I had received from MIT in 1993 (i.e. $149,799 for her
and $162,425 for me). The amounts are correct, but not the implication
that these funds came from the government or even from MIT.
	These funds were our share of patent royalties, mostly on a
drug we invented-and MIT patented—that is now sold in 60 countries
(but not yet in the U.S.A.). As such, the funds were passed through to
us from the drug company that sells this drug by MIT.
	Incidentally, I'm very proud and happy that we
invented-here—a drug that actually works, and that loads of people
(about 15,000,000 so far) seem to be benefitting from.

Richard J. Wurtman, M.D.

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