Activism at MIT? Get Involved!

At MIT it is frighteningly easy to become insulated in a world of
classes, problem sets, and living groups, and to get caught up in
entering a lucrative "career track" after graduation. Many students
here have never understood or acted on the need to fight for justice,
some because they come from privileged backgrounds, others because
they see no hope for change. Whatever the sources of apathy, MIT
students have become politically inactive, contrary to a tradition of
hard-core progressive activism around issues of campus weapons
research, sexual harassment, apartheid, and the Gulf War, to name a
few. Last Spring, less than 150 students, staff, and faculty
participated in a Day of Action against the Republican “Contract on
America” which was organized largely by MIT students, started on
the student center steps, and was protesting, among other things, cuts
to student aid. Wellesley-a 45 minute bus ride from here—turned out
more than 200 students for the protest.
	This Fall, the Coalition for Social Justice, a group of
students which includes (but isn't limited to) members of the Hunger
Action Group, the Black Students Union, GAMIT, the Arab Student
Organization, and the Thistle, promises to reverse this trend,
starting with a 1-day progressive organizer’s school on Saturday,
September 16. The school will include presentations on progressive
critiques of capitalism, patriarchy, and homophobia, along with
radical visions for the future. The school will also include a series
of skills-building workshops on civil disobedience, poster & leaflet
design, coalition building, and more. The school is open to everyone.

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