About Getting Tested...

On-Campus HIV Testing: The MIT Medical Center offers confidential HIV testing.

MIT students may call the front desk at 223-4481 to set up an
appointment with their assigned personal care physicians or another
MIT physician of their choice.

Getting an appointment usually takes one or two days. The initial
appointment should include a confidential doctor/patient discussion of
what the results of the HIV Antibody Tests would mean for the student
and when would be the best time for the student to be tested, although
there is no set protocol that MIT physicians are required to follow in
terms of pre-test counseling and education.

The optimal time to take the HIV Antibody Test is during the "window
period"of 6 weeks to 6 months after the date of possible infection.
This is because the test looks for antibodies to the HIV virus rather
than the virus itself. The immune system generally takes at least 6
weeks after exposure to produce a detectable amount of the HIV

On the decided date, the student takes a blood test at the lab
facility within the Med Center. The blood is sent off campus for
testing and results come back in one week.

On-Campus HIV/AIDS Informational, Counseling and Educational
Contact Line 253-6460 

Tracy Desovich, Health Educator for Students 253-1316

Off Campus HIV/AIDS Services: 
The Department of Public Health (HIV testing referral service hotline

Fenway Community Health Center (for HIV testing call 267-0159)

Massachusetts General Hospital (General Information 726-2000) 

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