Some Freedom of Expression files

Here's a the top level of the contents of this archive.

Various writings on freedom of expression issues
Eloquent arguments against censorship, and refutations of common arguments for repression.
The Case Archives
There was something that happened to some guy somewhere ...
Here are the details and better sources of information for some notable incidents (such as the famous "water-buffalo" case).
Notable results of certain policies
Think it can't happen here? Well, it can happen to you. Read about what happens when censors get their way.
Various policies and reports
Original text of certain policies and "guidelines".
All about "indecency" and electronic censorship.
Satire and Humor
A lighter (or more barbed) view of the issues
Fighting Back
Resources to take a more active approach against censorship
Selected legal decisions
Full text of some critical legal decisions. It's very important for activists to be familiar with the original sources. They are often distorted or misrepresented. Pay particular attention to the legal definitions of "harassment" and "hostile environment" (note they don't mean "offensive" and "anything").
Labeling and Rating Systems
Some information on "labeling" and the details of ratings systems. More interesting than you might expect - the actual texts of some "standards" are amazing.
Postscript source code for some of the posters used in informational campaigns by the MIT Student Association for Freedom of Expression Files. A lot of work went into designing some of these, they can be very elborate.
Canada Section
Some noteworthy reports from Canada. This is not meant to be comprehensive. For more extensive coverage, see the WWW site for Electronic Frontier Canada

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