How do I become a member?

Simply sign up for our various mailing list(s) and join in on our events!

Do I need to be Canadian?

Of course not! "Friends of Canada" are more-than-welcome at our events. You just need to have an interest in Canadian culture or in meeting nice people.

Does it cost anything?

No, we do not charge for membership, and most of events are free! For an elabourate event, we may charge a nominal fee to cover the costs, however this will always be stated in the invite.

Why should I become a member?

Because Canadians are awesome! Seriously though, we host social and professional events and have a lot of fun doing it. We see the club as a great way to meet people – be it your future BFF, spouse, or start-up partner.

Do I need to be an MIT affiliate?

Not necessarily. We encourage Canadians in the local area to get in touch and participate as space and funding permits. However for activities where room and/or funding is limited, priority will be given to MIT Community members.