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MASSIS Coalition
A coalition of the Armenian college clubs 
within the greater Boston area  

The MASSIS Coalition 

The MASSIS Coalition was established in 1996 to offer a medium of communication among the numerous Armenian College Clubs within the greater Boston Area.  The Coalition has allowed the members of the clubs to meet and discuss relevant issues which apply to all the clubs and the community as a whole.  The coalition has also provided  an atmosphere for Armenian students of different colleges to interact.  As a result, the coalition has created an e-mail list with which members have exchanged  information and ideas about local events such as lectures, outings, and parties. 

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1. MASSIS Events List (common list)  Subscribe to MASSIS Event E-mail List 

The MASSIS Events List links students and young professionals within the greater Boston area.  As a subscriber to the list, you will be able to communicate with students and young professionals within the greater Boston area. 

The contents of messages on the list includes: 
  • Theatrical presentations,  
  • Memorial events,  
  • Lectures,  
  • Outings and road trips, and  
  • Local parties 
2.  MASSIS Discussion List   Subscribe to MASSIS Discussion E-mail List 

The MASSIS Discussion list allows Armenians to discuss a broad range of issues.  The topics of discussion include but are not limited to: 
  • Support for Armenian youngsters
  • News from Armenia
  • News from the Armenian Diaspora
  • The Recognition of the Armenian Genocide
  • Local and International Politics