Personal Introduction

I am Yuhao Wang, a 4-th year Ph.D. student at Laboratory for Information & Decision Systems at MIT working with Professor Caroline Uhler.

Before joining MIT, I got my bachelor from Tsinghua University and worked on various undergraduate research projects with Professor Jianyang Zeng (Tsinghua University), Professor Liwei Wang (Peking University) and Professor Ting Chen (Tsinghua University & University of Southern California).

I also did a summer internship during my undergraduate career in the beautiful Pittsburgh advised by Professor Ziv Bar-Joseph at Carnegie Mellon University.

Before joining Caroline's group, I got an Master of Science in MIT EECS Department under the supervision of Professor Bonnie Berger working on the development of computational methods for biological data analysis.

Research Focus

My primary research interests are in causal inference, more specifically, in understanding the consistency guarantees of causal inference algorithms in the high-dimensional setting. This requires the marriage of recent advances in high-dimensional statistics, graph theory and optimization. I also work on high-dimensional undirected graphical models and regressions. Now I am starting to explore other topics in nonparametric statistics and algebraic statistics.


yuhaow at mit dot edu