Yash Deshpande

Picture credits: Anasuya Mandal 

Schramm Postdoctoral Scholar
Department of Mathematics, MIT
Microsoft Research, New England


Email: firstname AT mit DOT edu
77 Massachusetts Ave, Bldg E17-481
Cambridge, MA 02139

Some recent papers

M. Erdogdu, Y. Deshpande and A. Montanari, Inference in Graphical Models via Semidefinite Programming Hierarchies, 2017

Y. Deshpande, E. Abbe and A. Montanari, Asymptotic Mutual Information for the Two Groups Stochastic Block Model, 2016

Y. Deshpande and A. Montanari, Improved Sum-of-Squares Lower Bounds for Hidden Clique and Hidden Submatrix Problems, 2015

Y. Deshpande and A. Montanari, Sparse PCA via Covariance Thresholding, 2014

Y. Deshpande and A. Montanari, Information-theoretically Optimal Sparse PCA, 2014

Working papers

Y. Deshpande, L. Mackey, M. Taddy, V. Syrgkanis, Accurate Inference for Adaptive Linear Models, 2017

Picture credit: Anasuya Mandal