Semantic Arithmetic
   Non-Catastrophic Presupposition Failure 
    Knowing About Things  (slides)
 Aboutness Theory
   Locke Lecture Handouts
 Excuses and Aboutness
 The Truth and Something But the Truth
 Extrapolation and its Limits
 Confirmation and Verisimilitude
 Knowing That and Knowing About
 Assertive Content

•	The Myth of the Seven 
•	Abstract Objects, a Case Study 
•	Carving Content at the Joints 
 Why I Am Not a Nominalist 
  Solving Caesar, with Metaphysics (with Gideon Rosen)
    Extrapolation, Explanation, Existence

    Wide Causation
    Textbook Kripkeanism & the Open Texture of Concepts
	Advert for a Sketch of .... a Proto-Theory of Causation 
    Causal Relevance: Mental, Moral, Epistemic  

   Mental Causation  
    Seven Habits of Highly Effective Thinkers
    No Fool’s Cold
   Grokking Pain

    Is Conceivability a Guide to Possibility? 
	How in the World?
	Beyond Rigidification
    Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda
   A Problem about Permission and Possibility

•	Does Ontology Rest on a Mistake? 
•	Nominalism Thru De-Nominalization (with Agustin Rayo) 
•	A Paradox of Existence 
 Go Figure: A Path Through Fictionalism 

     •	Paradox without Self-Reference
    A Reply to New Zeno
	Definitions, Consistent and Inconsistent  
	New Grounds for Naive Truth Theory
	Circularity and Paradox

•	Singling out Properties 
    Identity, Essence, and Indiscernibility

Comments, Reviews

•	Amie Thomasson, Fiction & Metaphysics (TLS) 
    Soames on Kripke (Philosophical Studies)  
    Self-Knowledge & Semantic Luck: Comments on Boghossian (Phil Perspectives) 
•	Concepts & Consciousness: from Symposium on Conscious Mind (PPR) 
•	Red, Bitter, Best: Critical Notice of Frank Jackson, From Metaphysics to Ethics (Phil Books) 
•	David Wiggins, Sameness & Substance Revisited (TLS)