Yiqing Xu | Research


"Informal Institutions, Collective Action, and Public Goods Expenditure in Rural China" (with Yang Yao). American Political Science Review, forthcoming. PDF, Abstract

"ebalance: A Stata Package for Entropy Balancing" (with Jens Hainmueller). Journal of Statistical Software (August, 2013, Vol. 54, Iss. 7. PDF, Software&Data, Replication Script, Abstract

Working Papers

Political Methodology:

"Generalized Synthetic Control Method for Causal Inference with Time-Series Cross-Sectional Data" (coming soon)

"The Policy Effects of the Partisan Composition of State Government" (with Devin Caughey and Chris Warshaw). PDF

Informal Institutions and Grassroots Politics in China:

"Making Democracy Work: The Influence of Social Capital on Elections and Public Goods in China" (with Gerard Padro-i-Miquel, Nancy Qian and Yang Yao). In revision. PDF, Abstract

Information Management and Authoritarian Responsiveness:

"On Deliberative Authoritarian Governance" (with Jidong Chen). In revision. PDF, Abstract

"Information Manipulation and Reforms in Authoritarianism" (with Jidong Chen). Revision and resubmission. PDF, Abstract

"Sources of Authoritarian Responsiveness: A Field Experiment in China" (with Jidong Chen and Jennifer Pan). Revision and resubmission. PDF, Abstract

"Outspoken Insiders: Who Complains About the Government in Authoritarian China?" (with Lily L. Tsai). Under review. PDF, Abstract

Work in Progress

"The Grand Canal, Communism, and Modern Economic Performance: A Study on the Persistence of Economic Activity in China, 1000-2012 A.D." (with Nancy Qian)

"The Emergence of Chinese Urban System: Courier Routes and Population Divergence, 1500-2010" (with Ming Lu).

"Does Intra-Party Democracy Ever Exist in China?" (with Yasheng Huang)