Xiao-Yue Gong

Xiao-Yue Gong 龚小月



xygong [AT] mit [DOT] edu

77 Massachusetts Institute, E40-103, Cambridge, MA 02139



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Hi! I am a second-year Ph.D. student at the MIT Operations Research Center. I have the pleasure of being co-advised by Professor James Orlin and Professor David Simchi-Levi.

Prior to coming to MIT, I finished my undergrad at New York University (Courant Institute) and NYU Shanghai, with double majors in Honors Mathematics, and Interactive Media Arts. In 2014, my friends and I organized the largest international college hackathon in China, the inaugural HackShanghai. I was also a Legal Summer Intern at Citibank China Headquarters in Shanghai. I will be a Quantitative Researcher intern at D.E. Shaw this summer.

My current research interests lie broadly in algorithms and data-driven revenue management. I am working on online resource allocation with reusable products at this time. My research interests and past works also include statistical learning, reinforcement learning and online learning.


Ph.D. in Operations Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017.8-present

B.S. with summa cum laude in Honors Mathematics and B.S. in Interactive Media Arts, New York University (New York), New York University (Shanghai), 2013.8-2017.5

Budapest Semesters in Mathematics, Budapest, 2015.6-2015.8

Business Entrepreneurship Program, Tel Aviv University, 2014.6-2014.7


A Fast Max Flow Algorithm. Won Best Presentation award at LIDS Student Conference in 2019. With Jim Orlin.

Efficient Entropy For Policy Gradient with Multi-Dimensional Action Space. April 2018, ICLR Workshop track, Vancouver. With Yiming Zhang, Quan Ho Vuong, Kenny Song, Keith W. Ross.

A Unified Approach to characterization of the Myerson Value and the Shapley Value Through Application of the Mobius Functions. October 2016, Courant Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Symposium.


Aeolian--Ubiquitous air quality safeguard. Winner at 2018 MIT IDEAS Global Challenge.

SureShot--Collective Medical Supply Chain Monitor for Vaccine Confidence. Grand Prize for Supply Chain Track at Tech for Truth hackathon 2019 organized by Lockheed Martin and MIT Innovation Initiative, with Rachel Smith, Adolphus Lau, and Yujie Wang. Presented at SXSW 2019 at Lockheed Martin Booth.

Juretheurm--Decentralized justice system. ARCC Prize at 2018 MIT Bitcoin Hackathon. With Ravi Rahman and Jeremy Cowham.

Transparency Dashboard--an online analytics tool for machine learning decisions. 3rd Place at 2018 Hack for Inclusion (Bias in Machine Learning Track). With Roman Lutz, Harini Suresh et al.

Federal and state level data-driven policy recommendation paper for Internet and Cybersecurity Challenge. Finalist Prize at 2018 MIT Policy Hackathon. With Gregory Dreifus, Matthew Mc-Ateer et al.

Air Butler--a smart indoor air purifying system. Winner at 2015 Autodesk IMA Smart Home Design Challenge. A social venture I developed based on Air Butler later won the 2015-2016 NYU Reynolds Changemaker Challenge.

"The Price of Human Nature" --a review project that synthesizes a variety of models and highlights selected results for the Selfish-Routing Problem, coauthored with Lilian Tsai and vibhaalakshmi sivaraman. Selected as an example report for MIT graduate course 6.854 Advanced Algorithms. January, 2019.



Co-instructed PhD/master level course 15.S60 Computing in Optimization & Statistics

Co-instructed undergrad course 15.S41 Software Tools for Business Analytics


Tutor for Calculus I

Grader for Linear Algebra

Teaching Assistant of Introduction to Web Development \& Programming



15.764 Theory of Operations Management

6.854 Advanced algorithms (Received A+)

6.680/9.520 Statistical Learning Theory and Applications (Received A+)

6.265 Advanced Stochastic Processes

15.097 Machine Learning under the Modern Lens

6.436[J] Fundamentals of Probability

6.251[J]/15.081[J] Introduction to Mathematical Programming (Received A+)


CSCI-SHU 360 Machine Learning

CS-UY 2134 Data Structures & Algorithms

CSCI-GA 3230 Random Graphs

MATH-GA 2350 Differential Geometry I

MATH-GA 2550 Functional Analysis I

MATH-GA 2931 Advanced Topics in Probability: Entropy and Ergodic Theory

MATH-GA 2902 Stochastic Calculus

MATH-GA 2563 Harmonic Analysis

MATH-GA 2310 Topology I

MATH-UA 375 Topology

MATH-UA 349 Honors Algebra II

MATH-GA 2430 Real Variables I

BIOL-GA 1501 Math in Medicine/Biology

MATH-UA 348 Honors Algebra I

MATH-SHU 233 Theory of Probability

MATH-SHU 263 Partial Differential Equations

MATH-SHU 203 Analysis III

MATH-SHU 282 Complex Variables

MATH-SHU 262 Ordinary Differential Equations

MATH-SHU 208 Advanced Linear Algebra

LWSO-SHU 491 International Investment in Developing Countries: China, Africa and Latin America

INTM-SHU 231 Developing Web