William Angell (wha)

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I'm currently working as an embedded systems/computer vision engineer at the MIT AgeLab.

I'm TAing 6.S094: Deep Learning for Self-driving Cars in January 2017.

I like running, reading, and learning new languages (currently learning Norwegian).

What I've done:

My research interests include:



An in-vehicle driver-facing data collection device (example output)


A real-time computer vision bicycle safety system


Using deep learning on NEXRAD to improve tornado prediction and tracking


Irman Abdić, Lex Fridman, Erik Marchi, Daniel E. Brown, William Angell, Bryan Reimer, and Björn Schüller. "Detecting Road Surface Wetness from Audio: A Deep Learning Approach". In IEEE International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2016. [pdf]

L. Fridman, D. E. Brown, W. Angell, I. Abdic, B. Reimer, and H. Y. Noh, "Automated synchronization of driving data using vibration and steering events", In Pattern Recognition Letters, 2016. [pdf]