Vladislav Voroninski

I am currently cofounder and CEO of Helm.ai. I was previously an Instructor/Postdoc in Applied Mathematics at MIT.
I received my PhD in mathematics from UC Berkeley, where I was advised by Emmanuel Candes and John Strain.
Prior to that I received a BS/MA at UCLA, where I studied mathematics and computer vision.

I am broadly interested in the mathematical and empirical properties of algorithms for practically relevant problems, such as I am also interested in non-convex optimization, in particular as applied to semidefinite programming and large-scale machine learning.
Topics of recent interest include structure from motion in computer vision, phaseless compressed sensing, semi-supervised learning and deep learning.

My Erdős number is 3.

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    Deep Compressive Sensing     Phaseless Compressed Sensing     Non-convex Optimization and Sum of Squares Relaxations     Computer Vision     Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Tomography     Phase Retrieval     Applied Control and Image Processing


An easy way to learn about my research on phase retrieval is to watch the following To learn about my work on foundations of quantum mechanics and how it relates to Wright's conjecture and the Nash stratification theorem, read the following

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I was previously a professional rock-climber, ranked in the top 20 in the US for bouldering. Here's a video of me climbing The Mandala (V12) in Bishop, CA. 2005.

My sister is a painter. Check out her art website: Alla Voroninskaya.