This webpage is no longer maintained. I have moved to the EE Department at Pennsylvania State University. Please find my new website here.

Research Interests: Information and Coding Theory, Distributed Data Storage Systems, Wireless Communication Systems, Communication Networks, Distributed Computing Theory, Signal Processing.

My Biography

  • Viveck R. Cadambe, Nancy A. Lynch, Muriel Medard, Peter Musial A Coded Atomic Shared Memory Emulation Algorithm for Message Passing Architectures, Partial results accepted to be presented in IEEE Network Computing and Application (NCA), Aug 2014, Cambridge MA
  • Presentation in July 2014 by co-author Zhiying Wang at IEEE ISIT 2014: Zhiying Wang, Viveck R. Cadambe Multi-version Coding for Distributed Storage.
  • Invited talk at Information Theory and Applications Workshop at San Diego, Feb 2014, “A Case for Coding in Shared Memory Emulation In Distributed Storage,” joint work with Prof. Nancy Lynch, Prof. Muriel Medard and Dr. Peter Musial .
  • Presentation at 51st Annual Allerton Conferece on Communications Control and Computing, Oct 2013, for paper “Asymmetric Compute and Forward” with authors Vasilis Ntranos, Viveck R. Cadambe, Bobak Nazer, Giuseppe Caire.
  • Presentation at ISIT 2013 by Weifei Zeng on Friday, Jul 12, 2013: Weifei Zeng, Viveck R. Cadambe, Muriel Medard On the Tightness of the Generalized Network Sharing Bound for Two-Unicast-Z Networks,


Email: viveck@mit.edu
Room 36-512P
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139